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We support luxury real estate agents operating along the iconic Côte d’Azur with a competitive advantage by enabling faster, higher-value transactions. At the same time the confidentiality and exclusivity of your real estate mandate will be preserved.

– Our unique approach integrates the principles of Feng Shui, focused on optimal energy flow, with the science of Biophilia, which incorporates natural elements into living spaces, turning them into beneficial, healing environments.
– We put a team of skilled craftsmen at your disposal who uphold the highest professional standards.
– Relax as our service includes expert supervision of renovation or construction processes.
– We are an international company proficient in English, French, and German.
– You will be content with our unparalleled level of customer service, attentiveness, responsiveness, and quality assurance.

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About Us

Stefanie Lutz

Founder and Owner of WELLL-Homes. In 1990 while I was visiting Hong-Kong I made a fascinating contact with an old Chinese Feng Shui master. Since then, the Feng Shui I have used has brought a life full of abundance in all areas. First only for me and then, after my 2 year long training as an Imperial Feng Shui Expert, also for my clients.

Malena von Bernstein

At the age of five I started sketching interiors and redecorating my parents´ house. I would carry vases and decorative items that I could hardly hold, in order to find the most gratifying places for them. The urge to improve living conditions, to create beauty and ensure the well-being of people is deeply rooted in my nature which encouraged me to pursue my career as a designer.

What We Offer

Our mission and health goal is to use our unique Health-Home-Formula to create outstanding spaces which are designed for your longevity, where you can live your healthiest and happiest life.

We provide you with an environment that is acutely attuned to your needs and desires and exceeds your boldest expectations. You don’t have to worry about good communication between all parties involved or about the stress to survey a renovation or construction site.


How we can do this for you:

  1. We start with an in-depth personal analysis of all inhabitants of a home or office and define individual needs, expectations and wishes.
  2. We make a comprehensive analysis of the space to be renovated or building site. We look at the interior as well as the surroundings of the object (landscapes, gardens, terraces).
  3. We develop various design concepts for the clients who ask for a new Interior Design based on the results of the analysis and the budget given – if required, in close coordination with architects and landscape gardeners.
  4. We confirm the choice of the Design concept including materials and styles.
  5. We furnish you with a cost estimation of the chosen design concept.
  6. We offer technical drawings and 3D simulation (optional).
  7. We offer work management supervision and make suggestions of craftsmen for the work (only available Côte d´Azur and Var & Provence).
  8. We are also there for you after the end of the construction phase and will continue to support you for a further three months if any questions arise or small changes are desired.


Real Estate Agents’ Benefits

  • You get with WELLL-Homes globally unique Interior Designers who combine the scientifically proven Interior Design concept of Biophilia with the famous Imperial Feng Shui philosophy.
  • You can offer an exclusive additional service to sellers and buyers that other competitors do not offer.
  • Your clients benefit from a survey of the renovation site and if needed our professional craftsmen.
  • You can earn an extra commission of 7% of our service price stated in the contract we sign with the clients you bring.
  • With our exclusive “light” makeover Interior Design Package, house sellers can achieve a higher price and agents a higher commission.
  • Due to the competitive edge, you might not need to share mandate with other agents and get exclusive selling possibilities more easily.
  • When showing properties to interested buyers, which we prepared with our unique Design concept, buyers immediately feel at ease, the desire to live in the property is enhanced and people are more willing to pay a demanded price.

What Clients Are Saying

Christine M. and Thomas H.

Cabris/ France


After having completed our summer residence with WELLL-Homes Health-Home-Formula and their assistance during the renovation phase, which was so much fun, we feel full of energy and confidence in our wonderfully remodeled house in the South of France. We are so grateful to the WELLL-Homes team for the flood of good ideas and detailed plans that truly excited us. It is amazing that design and health are so closely linked and also had a positive impact on our relationship. Now we can live our happiest and healthiest life in an environment that enchants us. Thank you for your positive impact!

Ingrid O.

San Francisco, CA/USA


What a fabulous process, working with Welll Homes! My house is in the woods (near Seattle, WA/USA) and I wanted a Japanese feel to the rebuild.

After several conversations both in person and via Zoom, I received an extensive report from Stefanie and Malena. It has so many ideas and visual references that I feel renewed creativity around the rebuilding/expansion project.

I am increasingly confident about my decisions going forward— so many things to consider and with Welll Homes guidance, I know the result will be amazing, calming, and above all, a reflection of the life I intend to live there. Thanks so much!

Annick M

Los Altos, CA – USA


What an amazing team you are. This formula of yours is like magic! My home office is now wonderful. I have the perfect set up to be productive from home now. Our living areas feel fantastic and look like a Hollywood home. If we will get this summer house in southern France we have been talking about you will be part of that, too.

Petra F.

Golf Juan – France


Thank you, girls. Was a bit hesitant at first as you surely remember but I am thrilled now that I can see and even more feel the great result. My apartment has become a true refuge. Thank you for a pleasant and stress-free transformation phase and a brilliant result. Our guests are nothing but impressed. Will keep you informed.

Ralf T

Zurich and Vella Switzerland


At first I did not think it would be possible to have my house transformed without any stress. However, when I returned from a long holiday I was entirely delighted with a truly smashing place, a home like out of a trendy magazine. It looks as if a famous family lived here, so different and special and all to my taste. We are so happy! Same amazing results for our chalet in Vella. My sleep is so much better and I can focus more at work.

Bettina G.

Vallauris – France


Côte d´Azur is the sunshine state in France. You made my second residence radiate and glow. After the transformation I feel so much more vital and sleep better. Thank you. I will recommend you to all my friends.

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